About Us

Cool Church Tools is dedicated to helping churches of all sizes achieve their media ministry goals effectively and efficiently for a low cost.

With 30 years of experience in nearly all departments of the local church, our staff of contributors know what it's like to have a deadline thrust upon you from outside sources, or to be placed over a ministry suddenly.

This is why we are here.

There are plenty of Christian "Service Video" places to shop, but the vision for Cool Church Tools is to help in every area, video, drama, graphic, music; but more than that,

we want to share our knowledge and simple tips and tricks through FREE VIDEOS.

That's right, Free.  You can access them here on the site or on our YouTube Channel.

Just like any other organization, we need to sell some product, but you'll find our prices are actually a "Pro" not a "Con". We believe that what you find here at Cool Church Tools will be innovative, different, and really, really useful to your specific needs in a timely way.

So drop by anytime and peruse our Free Training Videos, then take a look around our store and see if we have something that could make your ministry easier and more fun.