Game Timers

Game Timers

In This section you will find different types of game timers, some with audio, some with audio and a video as well.

All the timers are designed to make it simple to pull off a timed game in a classroom atmosphere (or anywhere you have equipment!)

For use with any game you want to play that involves a time limit. Don't use a stopwatch anymore, just wait for the Game Timer to tell the players that "Time is up!"

The timer packs come with 30sec, 1min, 2min, 3min versions that time your game for you.

Just press play on the audio or video when you are ready and the announcer voice readies the players and the music begins,

there will be a warning for the players halfway through, and a 10 second countdown right before the game ends.

Making your class time easy and fun is what we are all about!

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Game Timer Pack 1

Game Timer Pack 1

Use these audio tracks to help you time out your game for the classroom or anywhere!Pick from 30sec,..


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