Series Ideas

Series Ideas

In this section we provide graphics for suggested series like "Thirst No More" which would be centered around the story of the woman at the well.

You'll find graphic support for such a sermon and in some cases even a brief outline, but not a full sermon.

We want to give you the tools to launch your own series, armed with graphics and video on common subjects that your congregation will need. We know that, as a teacher or Pastor, you'll will want to examine the Word of God for yourself and not just throw out a microwaved sermon from someone else.

So our purpose here is to spark inspiration. Thinking of a series on "Love" for say....hmm February (go figure!), we want you to have the graphics and even sermon titles and direction as a basic shell outline of direction to help make it easier to create your original message.

The shell outlines and concepts will be on a non-exclusive license that you and anyone else who purchases from us are allowed to use and even sell. But once you create your own great message, you can of course sell it at your church or online, but may not do what we are doing and provide graphics, music, or sound FX for other churches to make their own sermons.

So, make a great sermon with ease, make it yours, sell it to bless people with inspiration; but don't  start your own Cool Church Tools site using our graphics (make your own and get the word out!) the message is yours, the rest still belongs to us. For more information check our Terms & Conditions.

Now let's get going!

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