• Desert Adventure Music

These are the types of music tracks that create the sound of the Arabian desert for skits, videos, and presentations.

1 [0:40] Arabian Knights - (Hear Demo Now)
In the dark of night, a full moon rises over the ancient city
of Cairo. Cloaked silhouettes hurry through the deserted streets
as moonlight flashes from the daggers they carry.
Good For: Snake charming, Wise men, crawling across desert
sands to the Oasis.

2  [0:52] Snake Charming - (Hear Demo Now)
There in the marketplace of Kadesh-ramsa the skillful musician
summons the deadly viper from it's basket. Did he just miss a note?
(not very charming). Ow!! No matter what side of the Nile you
were born...that's gotta hurt!!!
Good For: What else? Snake charming.

3  [0:24] Arid Lands - (Hear Demo Now)
Dry, hot, not a drop of water in sight. Somebody remind me
me why they're fighting over this hunk of sand again?
Holy war? Oh yeah, oil.
Good For: Arab characters, dance of the 2 veils (no time for 7),
camel caravans, the Three Wise Men breezing into town.

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Desert Adventure Music

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