• Hellish Music

3 Tracks for the fiery pit! Good for scary situations and discussing eternal destinies.

1 [1:03] Hell's Gates - (Hear Demo Now)
You can hardly see them through the thick sulfur and
rippling heat. Dark minions race in and out and the
cries of the lost echo around you. To pass through this
gate is to eternally be separated from God. Turn around
now. (Romans 10:9 & 10 is a good place to start if this is you,
you don't have to go.)
Good For: Anything evil, visits to Hell, nightmares
(not suggested for young children).

2 [0:18] Demons  - (Hear Demo Now)
Well, this one's about as obvious as the previous track.
Good For: Demons, spiders and other bugs.

3 [1:07] Dungeons Of Darkness - (Hear Demo Now)
The words "Elm Street", "Jason", and "M. Myers" come to
mind. Very spooky.
Good For: More of the same. (No one under 10 admitted
without an adult.)


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Hellish Music

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