• Fun Assortment

10 Tracks that take you to various time periods, countries and moods. The countries are short bits of music which are good for assigning a musical identity to teams. Team Canada, Team Mexico, etc. Plus a great Disco throwback. It's a mixed bag of really useful stuff!

(And check out the Silent Movie track for staging your own silent movie)

1 [0:14] Ah...Venice - (Hear Demo Now)
The gondola glides smoothly across the canal as
you and "the Mrs." continue your tour of Italy.
Good For: Introducing Italian chef characters, remembering
the old country.

2 [0:11] Miss Swiss - (Hear Demo Now)

Up in the Alps there's a little place called Olga's where
the snow is cold and the cocoa is hot. But if you come
up, make sure to bring your clogs and your VISTA
card, because at Olga's they don't take anything but
wooden shoes and they don't take AMERICAN EXCESS.
. . The VISTA card it's anywhere you want to be.
Good For:Skiing skits, Swiss and German characters.

3 [0:12] Mounties - (Hear Demo Now)

Oh Canada! When I think of Canada I think of Mounties
and the music that plays in my head when I think of Mounties is....
is.....well, here's something to use if you ever need it for a skit.
Good For: Mounties, going off to camp, victories.

4 [1:00] Happy Music #1- (Hear Demo Now)

I just had some really happy music that I thought
would be useful. It's kind of a shuffle with a blues
riff. Enjoy.
Good For:Announcements, Clown Skits, church video announcements

5 [0:34] Happy Music #2- (Hear Demo Now)

More Happy music.
Good For: Same or Game.

6 [0:42] Happy Music #3- (Hear Demo Now)

Yet, more Happy music.
Good For: Same. Good opener for a continuing sitcom type skit.

7 [0:32] Pot o' Gold- (Hear Demo Now)

The little people dance and sing at the end of the rainbow.
Good For: Shamrocks, Jigs, green bar soap

8 [0:28] Mariachi- (Hear Demo Now)

Your dinner date with Tammy at the mexican restaurant is
suddenly interrupted by a traditional group of musicians
wearing sombreros. The "Chalupas" have struck again without
Good For: Siestas, Mexican themes

9 [2:07] Silent Movie- (Hear Demo Now)

The old projector cranks up and is joined by an out of tune piano poorly
played. The little man with the bowler hat, cane, and mustache waddles into
the scene as the black and white comedy unfolds.
Good For: Staging your own silent movie skit.

10 [0:38] Disco Days - (Hear Demo Now)

Be cool baby! Disco days have returned. Break out the gold chains
and 8-tracks! It's fly baby! Can you dig?
Good For: A laugh, 70's characters, old cop shows.

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Fun Assortment

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