You will learn a few good techniques for keeping order in your children's class 1st-5th grade.

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Teaching children can be like trying to teach a swarm of bees. This is no insult to the children at all, it is their nature to be curious and have short attention spans as the entire world is new to them. Add to this the competition between your live presentation of the Good News that God loves them with the high edit rates of video games and TV who's only purpose is to entertain and give them practically nothing of value, and you have your work cut out for you.

If there is a break in the program, if the computer goes down, if the special guest is late and no one knows what's next; that swarm of bees that are lined up in their chairs and sitting up straight, will begin to disperse and buzz around the room aimlessly (hope you have good bee keepers there to help you in class!)

OF COURSE you want your class to be fun. We all know that fun is the currency of childhood, if you make it fun and interesting they will stay with you and learn; so class discipline is vital but tricky because you do not want to lose the fun and excitement.

The techniques:

Here are some reliable techniques to help keep the bees with you.

    1. The balloon pop:  Inflate and tape 5 balloons (less or more as you wish) to a prominent place in the class. Explain that we all want the class to be fun, but we all know sometimes everyone can get out of hand: talking too much, being rowdy, not paying attention, robbing other kids of the Good News.. The balloons represent fun, and there are prizes (of your choice) that will be handed out after class; but only if the balloons are still there. Every time the class gets out of hand, you tell them that you will pop a balloon.

The technique really works. As the class gets rowdy, it gets loud, rather than shouting louder to be heard (and getting seen as angry) you simply pop a balloon. The balloon count goes down, much to the horror of most of the kids who really want that reward at the end of class, and the sound of the balloon is loud enough for everyone to hear in the middle of even the worst chaos.

You'll find that some kids will plead with other kids to behave, initiating peer pressure. You could also get balloons that go from blue to red, to increase the intensity of each successive pop, or have the balloons in a line where the final balloon rests on the prizes that you want to give away, but can't if all the balloons are popped.

After a few pops the kids will understand the system. Make sure to follow through with all the rules. If the balloons all get popped, do not give out prizes or the kids will not believe you and your balloons. Consistency and integrity are the heart of anything real.

Closing Thought:  Control of the class is a necessary issue for flow, teaching, and safety, but with thoughtful techniques, control can be the structure that houses the fun safely and gets the message across, not a prison that denies the joy that we want every child to expect and experience when they come to God's House.

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